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Probate Law does not just encompass end of life planning. Probate Law, also, addresses matters of incapacity whether the incapacity of a loved one is due to mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse or the results of aging. Incapacity of a loved one can leave the family without the ability to provide for daily needs and medical treatment of the loved one. Babb Law Firm is here to assist you with becoming the Conservator or Guardian of an incapacitated loved one.

Babb Law Firm is here to help you draft your Will, Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney. If you or your loved one is sick or in the hospital, we will gladly come to your home or the hospital.

Advance preparation allows you to determine the care you will receive as you age. Babb Law Firm is here to guide you or your loved one as you put your wishes on paper.
Babb Law Firm helps families resolve probate matters thru mediation and conflict resolution in hopes the family will avoid the high costs of litigation.

  • Incapacity of a loved one
  • Conservator or Guardian
  • Will
  • Living Will
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Probating the Estate of a loved one

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